Happy New Year 2023 !

The last two years have not spared us: Covid, energy crisis and above all a state of war in Europe.

Despite this, the municipality has succeeded in pursuing the objectives of its multi-year plan and at mid-term has made impressive progress. The most remarkable is undoubtedly the construction and commissioning of the new administrative center “City Hall”, the Flemish primary school “De Letterbijter” and the brand new library “BIB”, all on the new site “ATRIUM” which finally offers Wezembeek-Oppem a real communal place.

The installation of noise barriers along the Ring is the most remarkable advance in terms of noise reduction. Together with the AWACSS association, we are working within the consultation platform initiated by the Minister of Mobility to fundamentally reduce noise at source, in particular by forcing airlines to no longer use excessively noisy aircraft which are a harm recognized by justice to public health.

The next two years will be devoted mainly to building a brand new sports center which will accommodate football and hockey enthusiasts as well as a new communal shed. From 2023, the municipality will make the large “Merlijn” room available to host many cultural and festive activities. The new mobility plan will complete the whole by emphasizing weak users and in particular cyclists.

It should be noted that all infrastructure works are totally self-financed by the municipality and therefore have no impact on municipal taxation.Municipal finances are sound and the self-financing margin is higher than the requirements of the supervisory authority.

However, these gratifying prospects will only be able to fully take on the hoped-for measure when the conflict in Ukraine comes to an end.
It is with the firm conviction that common sense will eventually prevail, that I send you my best wishes for happiness and health for the new year.

Frédéric Petit – Mayor

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