2020 = 20/20

Dear friends,

The year 2019 bowed out on a note of optimism with the massive choice of members of the MR to place their trust in a new president: Georges-Louis Bouchez. May he be assured of my support to carry out a proactive and unifying project both for our party and for the country.
Closer to home, in Wezembeek-Oppem, the current majority * strong of 18 elected representatives out of 23 voted unanimously the multiannual plan 2020-2025 paving the way for the realization of an ambitious program of which here are the main axes:

Development of the center: the construction of a New Administrative Center, a new municipal library, new buildings for the Dutch-speaking municipal school “De Letterbijter” and the development of a new public park must allow the creation of a dynamic center offering modern service and friendly green spaces.

Energy transition: the program includes the sustainability of private and municipal heritage, ecological investments in municipal buildings – notably through the installation of solar panels – as well as the promotion and subsidization of better insulation of dwellings.

Social network: the municipality will invest in essential links to strengthen this network, as in the creation of meeting places, preferably in a green setting. It will also make efforts in favor of the family, childcare and the encouragement of voluntary work.

Traffic viability and living environment: the priority of this legislature will be to draw up a new mobility plan for the municipality. Besides that, the continuation of our legal actions against the nuisances due to the overflight of the planes and the installation of additional noise barriers along the Ring R0 will also contribute to make life in our commune even more pleasant.

Security: the administration plans to increase the allocation for the Wokra police zone and the “Vlaams-Brabant West” firefighters zone in order to intensify the presence of the police on the street and allow faster intervention by fire departments.

The municipality’s financial situation is healthy thanks to its very low debt. In no area have we been forced to cut budgets compared to previous years. We also decided not to increase municipal taxes during this legislature.

The three main investments planned for this legislature are:

1. The development of the center, with the construction of a New Administrative Center, a new municipal library, new buildings for the Dutch-speaking municipal school “De Letterbijter” and the development of a public park.

2. The construction of a new larger municipal depot flanked by a well-equipped store.

3. The development of a hockey field next to the football field on rue Plaine des Sports, as well as the modernization of the cafeteria and the creation of sufficient parking spaces.

The sewerage development project on rue Baus, rue de la Faucille and rue Profonde also represents a considerable amount, but is largely funded through Riopact.

The multi-year plan formulates 280 actions, of which we pinpoint here some concrete achievements:
 The development of the center.
 Improvement of infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians (streets reserved for cyclists, development of a new bicycle path, in particular on avenue de l’Hippodrome, and all the action points that will result from the mobility plan).
 Improvement of customer orientation (digitalization of services to residents, new website and new graphic charter).
 The gradual replacement of current public lighting with LED lighting.

An ambitious plan, of course, but together with the administration we will not fail to carry it out, always having in mind the well-being of the inhabitants and the good life in Wezembeek-Oppem.

May this year 2020 be the 20/20 year for you according to your dearest wishes!

Frédéric PETIT, Mayor

* LB UNION: MR = 9, cdh = 4, DEFI = 3, ECOLO = 2

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